Day -28:

Cozumel, Mexico. October 2005

Good news and bad news. Good news is I found a ticket from Milan (where I’ll meet my brother Matt for a few days in mid-March) to Bratislava (Slovakia) on the 21st of March for a penny + tax so I comes out to $13.84. Its a bummer that the Italian government still gets theirs or I’d be flying for free. Italy looks to be a little pricey also.

Bad news is my fake front tooth broke sat. night and I just forked over $400 to the dentist for a replacement. Although I guess it could have been worse and it could have broke when I was in Slovakia. Then I would have to wander country looking for a dentist, so I could explain to him what I need in a language I wouldn’t really know.
My old man, Dad., offered to store my big bed in his guest room if I let him have it proir to this weekend so my grandfather, Robert C Paetz Sr. (no picture, we maybe see each other once a year), could have a comfortable place to sleep. Now this aggrement sounded like a good idea at first, seeing that my bed is really comfortable and I wanted it to be there when I get home, but now that I am laying on my bedroom floor with a small mattress that my feet hang off of….perhaps I should have out-negotiated my father for a better deal.

I am down to two days a week at work as they slowly phase me out, my last day will be Thursday Feb 23rd when I will have a couple of days to get everything ready for my Bon Voyage Party (which anyone reading this is invited to) that will be Sat. evening on the 25th. So mark you calenders people, it will be Rob’s biggest party ever.