Day: -31


Laughlin,Nevada. January 3, 2006.
For those of you wondering on how I am packing for a trip like this.

Oh how to choose? And what should I bring?

My main bag: After trying out countless bags I settled on a Kelty 3100 cubic inch (50 liter) bag. I have packed it a few times and it feels like everything will fit with a little room left over.
My small bag: Just a generic green Jansport school bookbag. Although they don’t actually make these anymore without any padding (which I didn’t want, because I want everything to fit in my big bag) and to get one I had to trade a new backpack with my friend Ed for his gym bag.
Camera: (for you camera geeks out there like me) Canon 5D, a pair of batteries, battery charger, 4GB compact flash card, 17mm-40mm f/4 zoom, 24mm-105mm f/4 zoom, 70mm-200mm f/4 zoom, 50mm f/1.4, 15mm fisheye, 580ex flash.
Laptop: A little Sony Vaio and power cable, 13 inch screen and it weighs only 4 lbs(1.8 kilos) plus a little more for the cable, and fits perfectly in the hydration pocket of my bag. Also have a Compact Flash to PC slot adapter card.
Ipod: A 60GB Ipod thats primary purpose is a backup harddrive for my pictures but has the added bonus of hours of musical entertainment. It comes complete with another wall charger and usb cable that I get to carry along.
Security: I have a Pacsafe, which is a wire mesh net/bag that can be used to lock up my gear, and a couple of padlocks and luggage locks in order to lock the zippers on my bags when I feel it may be needed.
Shoes: A pair of Merrell slip-on walking shoes that are comfortable and stable yet at a glance they can pass as semi-nice. I am also bringing my favorite pair of sandelsflip-flops (Actually the second pair of the same exact style, because the first pair seemed to have disappered on New Years morning when I woke from my drunken stupor, I drove home with no shoes on). I know everyone swears by Tevas, but I know that the one thing I would have the hardest time without is my flip-flops, I literally where them year round.
Clothing: My favorite pair of jeans, a pair of lightweight Northface outdoors pants, a pair of black Dickies (which after the Eastern European winter is up will most likely be replaced by a couple of pairs of shorts), swim trunks, 5 t-shirts, a long sleeve shirt, a long sleeve hooded fleece, a older warm winter jacket (which will also probably be given up somewhere around june), 6 pairs of boxers, 3 pairs of socks and a beanie.
Everything Else: A small pocket led flashlight, small compass (so I don’t get to turned around in confusing cities on cloudy days), eyeglasses, a years supply of contact lenses, bottle of lens solutiuon, sunglasses, toothbrush, toothpaste, electric razor and cable, comb, deodorant, and my leatherman.

Everything above fits nicely on my back at about 33lbs (15 kilos), about 10 lbs more than I normally take, but I am attemting to live the dream and become a travel photographer so the extra gear I see as a needed evil. Anyways, I’m a big guy, it shouldn’t be to bad. In the past I have seen 100lbs girls with 60lbs bags, I will get over my suffering.