May 20th, 2020:

It’s been a long and strange couple of months in the social distancing world of COVID-19; time for me has passed infinitesimally slow while at the same time it’s somehow already almost June. Last month, while feeling like a caged animal and trying to figure out how to bring some joy to the world, I set out to capture some images of people on their front porch. I lined up about 40 of these sessions over the course of a week, put about 600 miles on the car and had everyone step out into the sunlight to document a slice of their homebound life. I had a great time doing this and it makes me lust for the days when I can be shooting weddings again.

** Social Distancing was maintained throughout this whole project; I essentially pulled up at the curb, shot them a text, they came out for a few minutes of photos and then I was on my way.