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94 Year Old B-Day Parties and Yogaing for Charity

March 30th, 2012:

Last weekend, Felicia again took up the challenge of the annual Free to Breathe “yogathon” of 108 Sun Salutations – each Sun Salute is a series of 12 poses, so that’s about 1,296 poses in about 2.5 hours – while I again, took up the challenge of walking around taking pictures while watching my wife suffer. What most people don’t realize is that my suffering comes afterward, because, 5 days later, she’s still whining and complaining about how “@&#!^# bad” she’s hurting everywhere.

I have to say though, I’m really proud of her for taking up this cause and help organize this despite her already-packed schedule. Thanks to everyone who donated!

Yoga-ing aside, we also took time last weekend to celebrate the 94th birthday of my grandfatherRobert Carl Paetz Sr. He is absolutely a dessert fiend and has a penchant for chocolate, so Felicia and I braved the 30-minute line at Porto’s Bakery here in Burbank, where the line went out the door, and got this Grand Marnier Chocolate Ganache Cake.

If you ever go to Porto’s for a cake, disregard the length of the line or the time you have to wait, and get this cake! It’s so ridiculously delicious that my grandfather’s wife, Ann, described it as “Almost pornographic for the way it feels in your mouth!”. Oh, the wonderful wisdom of old people!

The RCP was completely thrilled with having an entire chocolate cake to enjoy, and upon his first bite, he couldn’t help but unleash a happy tirade of “GOD DAMN! WHAT THE HELL!!! What is this?! This is SO GOOD! GOD DAMN!”, and proceeded to repeat this rant in between bites and going “Mmmmmmmm!!!!”

This is really quite a feat, considering the man had suffered a stroke a couple years ago and often has trouble expressing himself, much less enunciate his praise so clearly. That’s the magic of a Porto’s cake. Brides & grooms out there, you now understand why we wholeheartedly suggest them.

After being given about 4 hefty slices, we had to take grandpa’s plate away from him (Felicia was worried that we might kill him with a sugar overload), but he got all mad and just proceeded to attack the cake with his fork and/or finger instead. I think he ate one-third of that cake all by himself.

Oh. And periodically, he would look around quizzically and ask me, “Hmm. Did you bring a kid?”, then start badgering us about RCP-IV. Sigh.

(That’s not a wheelchair, it’s a bicycle. Ann rides down to Seal Beach sometimes.)

(In the last couple months, he has also given up on shaving. I actually think he wears the grizzled sea captain look quite well.)
Happy Birthday, RCP. Keep on keeping on. You making it to 100 bodes well for me.

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