Mom Says I'm Running Away


Warming Up

Day: 345


Sorry for the delayed posts about Yosemite, but Felicia arrived last week and it has been rather busy since then (smirk). Only a few more days and I get off this continent again… I apologize for the long hiatus, but I think the next few months will make up for it.

Yosemite was busy with more early morning pictures and a couple of shots of the standard view, before ending our night with a glass of wine and hundreds of other photographers camped out below Horsetail Falls for the show.


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2 Comments to “Warming Up”

  • Jo Isley says:

    if you have the chance, could you get a very cool picture of the moon? Lacy loves to go outside and find the moon at night, so I thought it would be cool to get a moon picture to frame and put in her room.


  • Felicia says:

    i like keeping you busy 😉

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