Day: 134

Day 134 - 1.JPG

My brother, Aaron, came into Vegas late last night to meet up with his friend Ian’s bachelor party. I thought I’d be for the best if I made my way to the Aladdin to see what kind of trouble they’ve been getting into. Also I wanted to possibly partake in any party that they may of had going on. Aaron (the other one), Matt and Chad wanted to meet up with some friends that they had invited to Vegas at the Wynn, and also had to get Aaron’s sister (Christina) and Lei Lani from the airport. We loaded into Skittles and they dropped me off to find my brother, while they went to find all their friends. We promised to meet up later.

I got to rooms 1407 and 1409, to find a room full of partially drunk guys who had just spent the morning drinking free Mimosa’s (OJ and champagne) with their buffet. This was on the right track so far, except for Pep, who thought it would be the best idea to have 14 Mimosa’s with breakfast, so he was kind of trashed. I said hello to my brother, got a drink, took a hit off of the vaporizer (a neat little machine that gives you all the THC without any of the smoke), and headed down to the pool to see about what kind of trouble we could get into this afternoon.

At the pool Aaron and I found the two most important things we had to buy before we could get in the water, sunblock and cocktails. We lathered each other up as the rest of the boys had already found a bachelorette party to crash on the far side of the pool. We spent the afternoon hanging out in the sun, drinking Ketel One and pissing off the Bride, who for some reason thought I’d be ok to keep taking my hat. I eventually dunked her in the water and Aaron called her a “Dumb bitch”, which I completely agreed with.  The funny thing is she kept acting pissed off but would always come back, let us know how pissed off she was, then just stand around and talk to us while we pretty much ignored her.  I will never understand women.

Before I knew it (and after six applications of SPF 30) we were back in the room getting ready for the night.  Aaron had agreed to go with me to dinner with the Road Trip crew, then head back out with the party.  Aaron and I had a couple of hours until the dinner reservations so we wandered around the strip drinking $2 you-call-it’s and playing a few hands of $20 blackjack, which I won at and immediately found the closest bar and drank away my winnings.

We all finally got together out front of the Wynn and headed across the street to Maggiano’s for some Italian family style dining and a little dancing.  Dinner was an amazing assortment of food, and with there being 10 of us we could actually try quite a few things.  After dinner we all were heading down the strip and eventually got lost in the crowds until it was just Aaron and I. I knew everyone else was heading to New York, New York to go to the piano bar so I just figured on catching up with them in a little while.  Aaron wanted to get back to his party so we tried in vain to hail a cab. Eventually we were walking down the strip trying to hitchhike back to the Aladdin.  After about 20 minutes of this a cab picked us up.  $16 later we were through Saturday night traffic and back in the room with Aaron’s friends.

Pulp Fiction was playing on TMC and I layed on the bed for a little break while everyone else was finishing getting ready. Things faded for me quickly, and it was only 10pm.

When I woke up the room was empty. I glanced over at the clock and saw it was nearly two in the morning.

“Damn” I thought, “I just lost a whole night in Vegas.”

But just then I heard the redeeming accent of Sean Connery, teaching his Scottish friend what it meant to be a Immortal!  What luck! I may not have a phone (remember I left it in a cab in Boston) or any way to get in contact with anyone in Vegas, and I may have just slept through my last night of the Road Trip, which was supposed to be a big hurrah, but The Highlander was on TV! How do I get so lucky!

I stayed up until 3:30 watching the epic battles and walked out of the hotel looking for a cab quoting “There can be only one!” (Although, to be honest, when I say it it is nowhere near as cool as when Sean says it).  I found a cab, and $14 later I was at Matt’s dad house , where I was the first one to make it home.  The night might not have been what I planned, but I realized good things do sometimes just happen. At least I left Vegas with some cash in my pocket.