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Time to go home, a week for me before Costa Rica, and back to pushing the last legal drug for Aaron, Matt and Chad.  Lei Lani and Christina had somehow manage to miss their flight this morning (Lei Lani seems to have a knack for not getting on the plane on time (no offense Lei)), and all of the sudden Skittles was overflowing with people.  There was no way we could all manage this ride home with six of us.

To everyone’s dismay, Matt didn’t finish the trip with us, or get to be in the California state sign.  He found a ride with one of their other friends that was in Vegas who wasn’t leaving for a few hours.  The rest of us were on a race against the clock because Aaron had to be at work at 4:15pm and Chad was only fifteen minutes behind that.  After dropping off a still drunk Matt at the Wynn, I hit the pedal and hit the highway cruising eighty miles an hour all the way home.

I was home just before 3pm, and thus ended my American part of The World Tour.  In just a few days (after I babysit my 2 and 4 year old nieces for three days while their mom and dad are in Hawaii) I will be heading to Costa Rica and bringing you, once more what you really care to see, me getting drunk in OTHER countries.  Oh, yeah and probably some shots of beaches, rain forests, food, and stuff.

I for one am really excited to get back to where traveling is cheap.